2014 Committee

2014 Committee elected on the 10/11/13 is as follows:


Chairman: Edward Sheehan

Vice Chairman: Ross Ansell


Secretary: Elizabeth Brady

Assistant Secretary: Sandra Sheehan


Treasurer: Bridget Hutton

Assistant Treasurer: John Doherty


Cheif Marshall: Seamus Faarrell

Assistant C.M: Eamon Kelly


Cheif Scrutineer: James Brady

Assistant Chief Scr.: Shane Farrell

Assistant Scrutineers: Ryan Mulroy, Ross Ansell, John Doherty, Paul Murphy


Safety Officer: Keith Ansell

Assistant S. O.: Eamon Kelly


Public Relations Officer: Chelsea Brady

Assistant PRO'S: Courtney Brady, Ashling Hutton, Kevin Carron


Track manager: Noel Hutton

Assistant Track M.: James Sinnott


Marshall and workparty co-ordinator: Ashling Hutton

Assistant M & W Co-ordinator: Keith Kelly


Park/Estate Managers: Davie Timmons, Rhonda Mulroy

Dates 2014

March 16th

April 6th

May 4th

June 7th-8th

July 13th

August 23rd-24th AIAS RIV

September 21st Grand Prix

October 12th


Our next meeting is thursday the 20th


As a general guide we hold meetings every Thursday after racing.


Meetings are held in  the Fighting Cocks Pub on the N80 near Ballon at 8pm.