N.A.S.A Licence

N.A.S.A. , the National Autograss Sports Association is the governing body of our sport and issues annual Drivers, Mechanics, Members and Junior Licences.


This Licence entitles you to a years member to your chosen club, and in the case of a driver, to race at any NASA track in Southern and Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.


Anybody is entitled to buy a licence, junior drivers will have to complete a competency test on their first day. Junior drivers also have to be signed on to race by an adult with a valid licence, be it members, mechanics or driver. The adult who signs on this junior driver is responsible for the Junior Driver and their car. We recommend that the adult signing on a junior be as close a relative / guardian as possible.


Licence pricing 2014

Junior Drivers are aged 12-16 and must be signed on by person 18 or older.


Male / Female Driver Licence - €100

Junior Driver Licence              - €50

Mechanics Licence                - €25

Members Licence                  - €25


Dates 2014

March 16th

April 6th

May 4th

June 7th-8th

July 13th

August 23rd-24th AIAS RIV

September 21st Grand Prix

October 12th


Our next meeting is thursday the 20th


As a general guide we hold meetings every Thursday after racing.


Meetings are held in  the Fighting Cocks Pub on the N80 near Ballon at 8pm.